Why we need other people

As we all go through life we meet people we don’t like, some we could do without and some we simply despise. These people aggravate us, annoy us and push us to the brink of insanity at times. But we need them.

Without others, there would be no one to challenge you. If you were the only human on earth there would be no one to assist you. Our world only works because we have so many people taking care of so many jobs. Most of us cannot survive on our own resources, and Most of us cannot grow as people without others. We learn patience when we are aggravated, we learn about our universe from books that others have written and we learn about life form those around us. All through our lives we learn that we are not the end of the universe, that we still have things to learn and that we have little time to do it.

Use the people around you to help yourself grow. If they get mad, stay calm. If they annoy you, stay patient. And if they challenge you then look at yourself to see if they are right. This is how we all grow, and why a world were we are all the same would not be worth it.

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