I’ve recently started to run an my main form of exercise. Running is an intense activity when you are only a beginner, as I am. I’ve only been running for a few weeks, when I started I could barely run around my neighbourhood without falling down as I finished my lap. Now I can run around twice without losing my breath when I finish.

Running is an interesting form of exercise. It’s not boring because your concentrating on your breathing and your pace and your feet with every stride. And it’s not mindless either. It’s a full body and full mind activity, requiring your full attention and devotion when you do it right.

Everyday I run a little faster, breathe a bit better, and beat my time. If one run is not enough I do two, if that is not enough I run further. I keep pushing the limits and I continue to receive gains from it.
The only reason I started to run was because I finally had the energy and willingness at the time to do it and I did not pass it up. And because I took the opportunity presented to me, everyday im getting fitter and healthier and feel better about myself every morning.

When an opportunity presents itself to you, don’t let it pass. Seize it, work at it, and improve yourself with it. You might just fine you are glad you made the leap.

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