Live life on fire

Some days I wake up and want to go back to sleep. On those days I see no reason to get out of bed. But there is a reason, and a big one. Every second I lose is a second I can enjoy myself, or help others, or do something important. Every minute things are happening and me sleeping won’t help change anything.

So I get up and I do my part. I live life the best I can, improving myself and helping others, I get through difficult tasks and triumph over the small ones. I live like I’m on fire and rapidly burning out. It’s the only way to live if you want to continue moving forward. You need to have a fire in you. Each task of the day is another touch to light, when you burn to dust at the end of the day you should look back and see a day full of light.

But don’t have too many touches or you will burn out before its time. To few and you will still be on fire in the end. Everyday you want to burn a little brighter, and light a few more torches. By the time you are old you will have a past filled with light. And by the time you die you will have light all around you.

Live brightly like a flame, and set the world ablaze.

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