Getting back on your feet

We all falter now and then. We have bad days, Where maybe a friend dies or you read a web comic for 18 hours, and you mess up your head. You stumble, falter, and fall flat on your face.

When this happens to me, I have two main strategies; I can turn a days tasks into a couple days tasks, or I can wait out the funk until I get back up. The first strategy can be effective for me, because I can see myself working through all my tasks, and at the end I can assign myself new things to do after a few days and start building momentum.

The second strategy is only viable if you can get back on your feet in a reasonable amount of time. It works for me because I know why I’ve fallen down most of the time and I still have enough energy to stand back up and keep going. If you don’t know why you can’t get any tasks completed, this is probably your default strategy, and it probably does not work.

When you’ve fallen down and your exhausted, everything can seem impossible. The most important thing to do is get some rest, try to relax and regain your state of mind. If you can’t change your mental state, its nearly impossible to force yourself to get necessary work done and keep going.

Start by recovering your mind because you try to recover your world.

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