Systems, and my best one

     I got introduced to the usefulness of systems in the blogs I follow, and following James Altucher’s advice, I started making lists. It is by far my most useful system. Everyday I try to make a list, sometimes its reasons why I and worthy to live, sometimes its how to use my time wisely, or even things to read. Every time I make a list, I have to think hard. I usually make a list of 20 items, And by number 15 I’m out of ideas, but I keep going. Someday I hope to try 50.

     The lists let me explore myself. The one about why I deserve to live game me a lot of self esteem, And will perhaps be vital someday if I become suicidal. With every item I made on that list, I had to explore myself and think in a way I don’t normally do, I had to be selfish, I had to put myself first. I had to realize I had a superb ability to break bad habits, and I realized how much I value a promise. I looked over my list and found that I didn’t mention anything specific about my body except that I liked it, I only mentioned things about my mind and personality. It was a very revealing exercise, and I hope to extend it at some point and learn even more about the wonderful person I am.

     When I made my list about Ways to use my time Wisely, I discovered just how devoted I had become to valuing it. Quite a bit had been done already, and a lot of ideas I had already thought of but never implemented. I also found myself writing down things I already did, and things I had just read that I should do. This disappointed me because I didn’t get new ideas form them, but it also made me happy. I could watch as before my eyes ideas built upon themselves and something I was already doing evolved into a whole new lesson. I watched my thoughts come to life.

     When I was thinking about things to make, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t really know what I was capable of. So I got a pencil and started writing on the paper taped to my wall. I started with what I knew, then what I wanted to do, and soon I was writing things down I had never thought of before to do, and getting very exited. It brought a tremendous rush of motivation to image myself doing such amazing things, and perhaps working with others to achieve stunning feats. It made me realize I as capable of far more then I let myself believe, and it is starting to make me think big.

     The best list I have made yet lists me up and makes me grateful. It’s a list of everyone who has helped me in some way, or made me happy. As I was writing it I was starting to break into tears as I realized just how large my support was, and how many people cared about me. The list just grew and grew until at the end I had to write groups instead of individuals, and eventually I felt connected to all of humanity. It made me realize the importance of my ties to others and how far they have helped me to climb. I have seem just what I mean to myself and how much others mean to me. I know I’m going to get more insights, and I invite others to try similar activities, and change your world.

A special thanks to my friend Chris for helping my mind grow several times its size in just a year.

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