My baby business

Having an awesome business idea is like having a child. You fall in love with it, you care for it, you pamper it. Today I have put one of my ideas into action, and I don’t know what the outcome with be. I can only hope my child grows up strong. But if it decides I’m not the right person to raise it, I will have to leave it there to let it grow without my help, as painful as it may be.

The premise was a simple one; I experienced a problem and I fixed it. This particular problem was causing me a lot of grief, so after I lost a lot of data and a little money, I decided something needed to be done. I tried a small solution, and after that failed miserably I tried a more permanent one, and it worked beautifully. People complemented me on it and joked about it and said they needed to have one but never had time to get one. And so today I made some.

I’m going to put my baby out in the wild and watch it. I’m going to see if it grows or wanders away form me. Its going to be extremely exiting and nerve wreaking, and if it tumbles I’m probably going to break out in sweat. If my baby goes out and does wonderfully and is enjoyed by all, I’ll be very happy. But if it comes back to me lonely and unwanted, I will gladly care for it myself, and take it back home where it can live in peace while another idea matures inside of me.

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