Overcoming reluctance

For a long time I’ve been reluctant to change whatever I was doing at the moment because I was enjoying what I was doing. This means that I didn’t do things that were valuable to me because I was having more fun doing mindless activities. Recently I’ve found my own way to overcome this by setting small goals for myself.

It started with an experiment in time tracking which I’ll write about later, where I tried to track everything I did everyday. The most important thing I took out of that was making a checklist for myself and updating it every day, until I had a long list of simple activities that are slowly improving my life.

The trick to any good task list is starting off simple, I started off with making sure I read something good everyday. In particular Sebastian Marshall’s blog http://www.sebastianmarshall.com/ (who is not sponsoring me) helped me do this and I owe him a lot. I learned a lot through his own journey in the fight against reluctance.

Hopefully anyone reading this will find their own successful way to fight reluctance, because if you can’t win the fight, you’re going to lose. And once you lose your going to spend your life getting the stuffing beaten out of you everyday until you finally fight back.

I’m going to keep fighting, and hopefully the longer I fight the better I will be able to write. I hope I’m able to keep doing this and get to inspire at least one person. Thanks for reading.

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