My baby business

Having an awesome business idea is like having a child. You fall in love with it, you care for it, you pamper it. Today I have put one of my ideas into action, and I don’t know what the outcome with be. I can only hope my child grows up strong. But if it decides I’m not the right person to raise it, I will have to leave it there to let it grow without my help, as painful as it may be.

The premise was a simple one; I experienced a problem and I fixed it. This particular problem was causing me a lot of grief, so after I lost a lot of data and a little money, I decided something needed to be done. I tried a small solution, and after that failed miserably I tried a more permanent one, and it worked beautifully. People complemented me on it and joked about it and said they needed to have one but never had time to get one. And so today I made some.

I’m going to put my baby out in the wild and watch it. I’m going to see if it grows or wanders away form me. Its going to be extremely exiting and nerve wreaking, and if it tumbles I’m probably going to break out in sweat. If my baby goes out and does wonderfully and is enjoyed by all, I’ll be very happy. But if it comes back to me lonely and unwanted, I will gladly care for it myself, and take it back home where it can live in peace while another idea matures inside of me.

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Systems, and my best one

     I got introduced to the usefulness of systems in the blogs I follow, and following James Altucher’s advice, I started making lists. It is by far my most useful system. Everyday I try to make a list, sometimes its reasons why I and worthy to live, sometimes its how to use my time wisely, or even things to read. Every time I make a list, I have to think hard. I usually make a list of 20 items, And by number 15 I’m out of ideas, but I keep going. Someday I hope to try 50.

     The lists let me explore myself. The one about why I deserve to live game me a lot of self esteem, And will perhaps be vital someday if I become suicidal. With every item I made on that list, I had to explore myself and think in a way I don’t normally do, I had to be selfish, I had to put myself first. I had to realize I had a superb ability to break bad habits, and I realized how much I value a promise. I looked over my list and found that I didn’t mention anything specific about my body except that I liked it, I only mentioned things about my mind and personality. It was a very revealing exercise, and I hope to extend it at some point and learn even more about the wonderful person I am.

     When I made my list about Ways to use my time Wisely, I discovered just how devoted I had become to valuing it. Quite a bit had been done already, and a lot of ideas I had already thought of but never implemented. I also found myself writing down things I already did, and things I had just read that I should do. This disappointed me because I didn’t get new ideas form them, but it also made me happy. I could watch as before my eyes ideas built upon themselves and something I was already doing evolved into a whole new lesson. I watched my thoughts come to life.

     When I was thinking about things to make, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t really know what I was capable of. So I got a pencil and started writing on the paper taped to my wall. I started with what I knew, then what I wanted to do, and soon I was writing things down I had never thought of before to do, and getting very exited. It brought a tremendous rush of motivation to image myself doing such amazing things, and perhaps working with others to achieve stunning feats. It made me realize I as capable of far more then I let myself believe, and it is starting to make me think big.

     The best list I have made yet lists me up and makes me grateful. It’s a list of everyone who has helped me in some way, or made me happy. As I was writing it I was starting to break into tears as I realized just how large my support was, and how many people cared about me. The list just grew and grew until at the end I had to write groups instead of individuals, and eventually I felt connected to all of humanity. It made me realize the importance of my ties to others and how far they have helped me to climb. I have seem just what I mean to myself and how much others mean to me. I know I’m going to get more insights, and I invite others to try similar activities, and change your world.

A special thanks to my friend Chris for helping my mind grow several times its size in just a year.

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What to do on an off day

Start working. Seriously. Do you have a checklist somewhere? Pick an item and start working on it. Indecisiveness will just make you bored and worried as the time slips away. Start doing something, finish it. Then do something else. When you get tired take a break then work some more. This is the basis of productivity, and will keep you busy for most of the day. When your done with your work, take a nice long deserved rest.

If you find that you are consistently getting distracted by the same thing, and you don’t have the willpower to stop yourself, then make small task list. Do the easy things on it until you can pull yourself out of that environment. Doing small activities will help you build some momentum, and at the end of the day you will have something done instead of nothing.

At the end of the day you want to be able to show yourself you did something. If you can’t. You might lose hope. But if you can you can prove to yourself you are capable, and you can work harder the next day to do even greater things. You’ll get back on your feel, and before you know it back to former levels of productivity. You might even surpass them again.

Even if you do go into a slump, it doesn’t have to be long term. You can have a bad few days, and every day work a little harder to get out of the slump. As long as you work on the basics and continue to do small tasks and prove to yourself that you capable you can keep moving forward. You will eventually climb up the mountain back to the top.

Don’t think you have any hope? Drowning in depression? Then get some good sleep, eat, and take care of yourself. If your body isn’t up to it your mind is going to deteriorate. At the end of the day if your starving and tired your no good to yourself. Eat something and get some sleep, start working again tomorrow. There’s always another day.

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Getting back on your feet

We all falter now and then. We have bad days, Where maybe a friend dies or you read a web comic for 18 hours, and you mess up your head. You stumble, falter, and fall flat on your face.

When this happens to me, I have two main strategies; I can turn a days tasks into a couple days tasks, or I can wait out the funk until I get back up. The first strategy can be effective for me, because I can see myself working through all my tasks, and at the end I can assign myself new things to do after a few days and start building momentum.

The second strategy is only viable if you can get back on your feet in a reasonable amount of time. It works for me because I know why I’ve fallen down most of the time and I still have enough energy to stand back up and keep going. If you don’t know why you can’t get any tasks completed, this is probably your default strategy, and it probably does not work.

When you’ve fallen down and your exhausted, everything can seem impossible. The most important thing to do is get some rest, try to relax and regain your state of mind. If you can’t change your mental state, its nearly impossible to force yourself to get necessary work done and keep going.

Start by recovering your mind because you try to recover your world.

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Live life on fire

Some days I wake up and want to go back to sleep. On those days I see no reason to get out of bed. But there is a reason, and a big one. Every second I lose is a second I can enjoy myself, or help others, or do something important. Every minute things are happening and me sleeping won’t help change anything.

So I get up and I do my part. I live life the best I can, improving myself and helping others, I get through difficult tasks and triumph over the small ones. I live like I’m on fire and rapidly burning out. It’s the only way to live if you want to continue moving forward. You need to have a fire in you. Each task of the day is another touch to light, when you burn to dust at the end of the day you should look back and see a day full of light.

But don’t have too many touches or you will burn out before its time. To few and you will still be on fire in the end. Everyday you want to burn a little brighter, and light a few more torches. By the time you are old you will have a past filled with light. And by the time you die you will have light all around you.

Live brightly like a flame, and set the world ablaze.

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I’ve recently started to run an my main form of exercise. Running is an intense activity when you are only a beginner, as I am. I’ve only been running for a few weeks, when I started I could barely run around my neighbourhood without falling down as I finished my lap. Now I can run around twice without losing my breath when I finish.

Running is an interesting form of exercise. It’s not boring because your concentrating on your breathing and your pace and your feet with every stride. And it’s not mindless either. It’s a full body and full mind activity, requiring your full attention and devotion when you do it right.

Everyday I run a little faster, breathe a bit better, and beat my time. If one run is not enough I do two, if that is not enough I run further. I keep pushing the limits and I continue to receive gains from it.
The only reason I started to run was because I finally had the energy and willingness at the time to do it and I did not pass it up. And because I took the opportunity presented to me, everyday im getting fitter and healthier and feel better about myself every morning.

When an opportunity presents itself to you, don’t let it pass. Seize it, work at it, and improve yourself with it. You might just fine you are glad you made the leap.

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Why we need other people

As we all go through life we meet people we don’t like, some we could do without and some we simply despise. These people aggravate us, annoy us and push us to the brink of insanity at times. But we need them.

Without others, there would be no one to challenge you. If you were the only human on earth there would be no one to assist you. Our world only works because we have so many people taking care of so many jobs. Most of us cannot survive on our own resources, and Most of us cannot grow as people without others. We learn patience when we are aggravated, we learn about our universe from books that others have written and we learn about life form those around us. All through our lives we learn that we are not the end of the universe, that we still have things to learn and that we have little time to do it.

Use the people around you to help yourself grow. If they get mad, stay calm. If they annoy you, stay patient. And if they challenge you then look at yourself to see if they are right. This is how we all grow, and why a world were we are all the same would not be worth it.

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Overcoming reluctance

For a long time I’ve been reluctant to change whatever I was doing at the moment because I was enjoying what I was doing. This means that I didn’t do things that were valuable to me because I was having more fun doing mindless activities. Recently I’ve found my own way to overcome this by setting small goals for myself.

It started with an experiment in time tracking which I’ll write about later, where I tried to track everything I did everyday. The most important thing I took out of that was making a checklist for myself and updating it every day, until I had a long list of simple activities that are slowly improving my life.

The trick to any good task list is starting off simple, I started off with making sure I read something good everyday. In particular Sebastian Marshall’s blog (who is not sponsoring me) helped me do this and I owe him a lot. I learned a lot through his own journey in the fight against reluctance.

Hopefully anyone reading this will find their own successful way to fight reluctance, because if you can’t win the fight, you’re going to lose. And once you lose your going to spend your life getting the stuffing beaten out of you everyday until you finally fight back.

I’m going to keep fighting, and hopefully the longer I fight the better I will be able to write. I hope I’m able to keep doing this and get to inspire at least one person. Thanks for reading.

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